Oftentimes, we feel that Financial Controllers and A.P. Managers are hesitant to use our service because of how it may negatively reflect upon their own job performance. The fact is… nothing could be further from the truth! Here are just a few reasons why we feel our service should be viewed as a positive in relation to your specific job responsibilities:

No Cost To You! – What other projects could you institute or oversee that will have a positive financial impact yet not cost you budgeted funds? We operate on a contingency basis and will not receive any money unless we return money to your bottom line.

Significant $ Returned – In performing a recovery audit for your company, we will typically find overpayments amounting to around 1/10 of 1% (.001) of your gross purchases ($1,000 for every $1,000,000). If you felt that you and your personnel were transacting correctly 99.9% of the time would you be overly alarmed? Probably not, and neither will your superiors. However, the amounts recovered can make significant contributions to your company’s finances.

Who’s To Blame? – No company, large or small, is immune from payment errors and oversights. Our audit results will not cast a poor reflection on your job performance. Conversely, if communicated properly, our audit will only strengthen your reputation as one who is proactively making wise business decisions. Note: Interestingly enough, our research indicates that the greater percentage of errors occur in the communication from suppliers.

Keeping Current – Reviewing prior-year’s payables is something that we do on a day-to-day basis. Your responsibilities are typically grounded in the current period. Let us do what we do best while you direct your energies towards current issues and problems.

Stop The Leaks – While performing the audit, we may come across systematic errors or procedural problems that when fixed can save your company additional money. What better way can you become aware of such things than through another set of eyes?

Go To School On Us – One of the greatest benefits you can gain from our audit is seeing what types of claims we will write up. You will realize that, in the future, some of these claim types can be written by your own personnel.

Be The Hero! You may have the opportunity to designate where the recovered funds are utilized. We find that our clients appreciate and even anticipate this welcome source of recovered funds. Some even budget for them! These monies can certainly help mend the figures in an under-achieving period, or be used to supplement an over-utilized budget category, or simply go towards any other cause that you may be championing at that time. Look at your payables as an income source! Make yourself the hero by using these recovered funds to further your own and the company’s objectives!

ProAudit, as our name implies, always operates in a professional and courteous manner. We fully understand that we are your invited guests and have no difficulty understanding who the boss is. We will do all in our power to keep you more than satisfied with our service so that we will be invited back each year.