ProAudit has what it takes to stay on top of our industry!

We are young yet highly experienced.
We are agressive yet know how to walk lightly.
We are confident yet malleable to our changing industry.
We are small (compared to the industry Goliaths) yet audit large!

ProAudit was officially formed in early 1999 when a small group of highly experienced individuals decided to combine forces.  Armed with complimentary talents, they sought out others who had strengths in the areas of their weaknesses.  Today, ProAudit has the tools and talents necessary to perform the most complete recovery audit available to you!  We confidently declare that you will not receive the best service from the large companies who govern from their ivory towers, but from ProAudit whose principals still roll up their sleeves and work with their field associates.  With that commitment, we will never be out of touch with what it takes to complete successful audits.

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