ProAudit confidently declares that we have the best software in our industry!  How can we make such a bold statement?  Our Director of M.I.S. and our *programmers have been writing successful auditing software in our specific industry for over 12 years!  Prior to that, our principals were the first auditors in the business to utilize PC's in an auditing environment.  We wrote and utilized auditing templates in basic computer languages and in VisiCalc long before other well known early entrants in the software industry such as Lotus 123 and the ever evolving slew of relational databases.  Many of our competitors will SAY that they are using their own proprietary software when in reality they are using MS ACCESS or other off-the-shelf database products.  ProAudit's proprietary software, MPOWER, is written specifically for recovery auditing.  It truly "empowers" our auditors with every tool they could conceivably need to perform at the highest levels of our industry.  Our software is always a "work in progress" as we write new routines and algorithms to embed in this powerful suite of audit tools.  WATCH THIS SPACE... as we introduce in the coming months our next generation software tool that will take computer assisted auditing to the next level!

*Our main programmer/developer has been acknowledged and quoted in major trade publications for using cutting-edge technologies in his development efforts.  We are also fortunate to have on board some of the finest hardware gurus in the industry.  These top quality individuals are especially adept at utilizing new & emerging technologies to maximize our efforts in our fast paced  net-connected world.