In a nutshell, we review your hard paper and electronic data files for overpayments made to your suppliers.  And better yet... we do it on a contingency basis!    There is no fee to you for our service unless we recover money for your company.  The fee is then based on net recoveries.  This may sound pretty basic but there are a myriad of different types of overpayments and under-deductions that can be uncovered in each engagement.  Obviously, the claim types may vary somewhat between different industries.  Here is a brief summarization of the varied types of overpayments we will look for in a typical full-scale audit engagement:


Duplicate Payments - We will scour your data from dozens of different angles for those pesky duplicate payments.  We will also look for duplicate paybacks, payments made to wrong suppliers, and any other hybrid of duplicate payment.  We may even find triplicates, quadruplicates, etc.!

Payment Errors - Nobody is better than ProAudit at finding the many different types of payment errors out there.  Extension errors, arithmatic mistakes, fat finger aberrations, and anything else that can happen under a full moon.

Credit Memo Errors - Obviously a credit memo is a good thing unless it is paid or not deducted at all.  We have developed creative methods to uncover credit memo errors & oversights.

Invoice Upcharges - You would be thoroughly amazed to see the many types of incorrect upcharges we have seen added to invoices.  For the most part, invoice upcharges are plain & simply not valid.

Incorrect Taxes Levied - Yes, Death & Taxes are inevitable.  However, taxes are often charged at incorrect rates and are sometimes levied in error on various types of goods and services.  We'll get to work on death next!

Terms Discount Errors -  Your reward for timely payment can sometimes be omitted or understated even though you rightfully earned your discount.  ProAudit produces unmatched results in this area of recoveries.




Incorrect Pricing - With today's razor-thin profit margins, pricing is a critical area of our review.  We will apply our knowledge of industry standards and bracket pricing to your benefit.

Trade Discounts & Allowances - Many industries you are purchasing from have trade programs that are often mis-communicated (or not communicated at all).  Our trade knowledge and super sleuthing are positives here.

Volume / Quantity Discounts - Again, ProAudit makes it our business to know of the different incentives available for quantity purchasing.  If you earned it, we'll make sure you got it!

Errors Involving Returns - There are a whole slew of overpayments & under-deductions that can occur in this area.  We will make sure that you are only returning the goods, not your profit!

Unapplied Cash & Open Credits - What typically happens when you don't review your statements for open credits?  The credits go where the lost socks in your dryer go... lost forever!  We'll make sure that doesn't happen.

Freight & Routing Errors - In some audits, these errors can easily account for more than half of the money recovered.  We understand the idiosyncrasies associated with freight and will perform well for you in this area.

Defectives or Spoiled Goods - Whether it is spoiled lunch meats or a defective lawnmower, we will make sure you are credited correctly according to the many applicable programs in the industry or according to your own policies.

Rebate Miscalculations - Rebate programs are commonplace today yet they are rarely calculated & paid with 100% accuracy, especially if your suppliers are providing you with the figures.  Let us re-calculate your rebates as part of our audit.

Advertising / Co-op Accruals - Like rebates, there are a number of ways that errors can occur in advertising.  We go the extra mile to understand your procedures so that we can recover more advertising dollars.

Purchase Incentive Allowances - This is a huge area for grocers and other traditional retailers.  This is Auditing 101 as we review your invoices for missed or understated off-invoice and/or billback allowances.

Vendor Compliance - Are you properly enforcing the policies you have instituted to prevent additional expenses due to supplier mistakes?  Your competitor is!   Let our expertise help you out in this sensitive area.

Contract Compliance - Nothing can go awry with a finely tuned contract... or can it!?  Our experience in reviewing contract terms versus what actually happened will often uncover large amounts still due to our clients.   

Cost of Money - Anticipation or Early Payment Discounts are another area of ProAudit's expertise.  We understand the implications and remedies relative to the cost of money when our clients pay early whether they intended or not.





Warehouse Allowances - Actually this allowance has many aliases but is still quite common today.  ProAudit is aware of the industries and situations where this allowance is collectible.

New Store Allowances - There are many ways that suppliers are asked to participate in new store openings.  Whether by flat rate amounts, opening order discounts, free product, etc., etc., we have seen it all!

Price Protection - Price Protection is often overlooked and is still mis-understood in our industry.  ProAudit knows price protection and the many different ways it should be audited whether in grocery or electronics or elsewhere.

Industry Specific Errors - Every industry has areas unique to them that should be reviewed for overpayments.  Whether it is conditional tariffs, tax parcels, EDI fees, deadline penalties/rewards, etc., ProAudit will sniff them out. 

 Off Shore Allowances - Do you have operations in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or other off-shore locations?  Are you absorbing all of the extra costs associated here?   We have extensive knowledge to audit in this area.

Currency Errors - In this diverse world of ours, you don't want to be caught paying for your clogs in U.S. Funds when it was invoiced to you in Dutch Guilders!  ProAudit has had some remarkable success in identifying currency overpayments & miscalculations.

...Whatever is out there - While the above general types represent the lion's share of potential overpayments, ProAudit is experienced enough to give you what you want.... A COMPLETE AUDIT!